13 Clever Halloween Decorations You Can Make At Home

Want to be the spookiest house on the block this year? Check out these clever DIY tips to do just that!

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Check out our list of 13 fun DIY halloween decorating tips.

Nothing like getting ready for Halloween with some good old arts and crafts projects. These 13 ideas are fun and will surely get your family in the Halloween spirit.

#1 Cut out eye, nose, and mouth shapes from black contact paper, then stick them onto balloons for no-rot, no-carve jack-o-lanterns.

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#2 Buy a bunch of white candles and one red candle, then use the red candle wax to make your white candles ~bloody~.

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#3 Save your milk jugs for a few weeks, then draw faces on them with a Sharpie to turn them into ghosts.

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#4 Cut an inexpensive half-circle doormat into the shape of a spider web, and paint in the details.

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#5 Grab a package of mini candy holders, spray paint them gold, and stick a succulent in them for classy place cards.

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#6 Cut (clean) trash bags into oversized spider webs just like you'd cut a holiday snowflake.

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#7 Haunt your porch with these adorable ping-pong ball and cheesecloth ghosties.

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#8 Coat a couple of cheap plastic pumpkins in chalkboard paint, then either draw on them with chalk markers, or let your kiddos do the decorating.

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#9 Tape tissue paper to white balloons to make fun floating ghosties.

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#10 Hot glue pingpong balls to a plain wreath, then top them with some googly eyes.

Clutter Purge Self-Storage Trove

#11 Construct this cartoony bunting with clothespins, string, construction paper, and a simple glue stick.

Clutter Purge Self-Storage Trove

#12 Cut some zombie arms out of black poster or foam core board, and tape them to your stair bannisters.

Clutter Purge Self-Storage Trove

#13 Pick up a couple of green or purple plastic Jack 'o' Lanterns, and help your kids make spooky eyes for your trees or bushes.

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When the season is over give Boombox a call and we will store your holiday decorations for you until next year :)

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