Rules | Boombox Storage

Storage Rules

Our first rule of Boombox:

If it fits in a container it should be in a container

All items that fit into a standard storage container should be packed in a box before our Boombox moving team arrives. To cut down on the amount of small loose items we ask that you consolidate your items as much as possible. Make sure to add descriptions to your containers so you'll be able to identify each box from your online storage unit.

Our second rule of Boombox:

Pack Smart - Remember to add a label with a unique description to each box!

We’ll always handle your stuff with care, but you’re responsible for packing your stuff. All packing must be done before our movers arrive and please pack your items carefully so that they’re not damaged during transportation or in storage. We recommend padding your items and the inside of your boxes with packing materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper especially if they are fragile.

Make sure to wrap and pad any delicate or sharp items, coil electric cords, and tape moving pieces in place. If you’re storing an AC unit (please remove it from your window before we pick it up) or mini fridge, be sure to unplug it at least 24 hours before your pickup and let it drain and air out completely. As a heads up, we‘re not responsible for any damage to items that we deem to have not been properly packed, wrapped, or otherwise prepared for storage.

Please label all boxes with unique descriptions so you'll be able to recognize the contents of the box by looking at your online storage unit.

Our third rule of Boombox:

Your items must fit in the van

Our vans hold up to 50 sqft of your belongings. We should be able to close both rear doors after the van is packed. If not, you'll need to request another van.

Our fourth rule of Boombox:

Inform us about heavy items or difficult moving conditions

If you plan on storing anything over 50 pounds, you'll need to request a two man moving team. If you plan on storing anything over 100 pounds you'll need to inform us ahead of time. If we deem it dangerous to move we'll not be able to take that item. Safety is our top priority.

If you're moving items from a location that is not easily accessible (i.e. A 10th floor apartment) contact us ahead of time with location details. Text (415) 322-3135.

Our fifth rule of Boombox:

Don’t store anything that’s illegal and/or unsafe.

The safety of our employees, our customers, and all of their belongings always comes first. The following items are banned from being stored in Boombox:

Anything that goes boom, such as guns (or weapons of any kind), explosives, fireworks, and other flammables like gas, oil, kerosene, paint, and lighter fluid. Anything that is or was alive. This includes things like fruit, meats, cheeses, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, etc. Anything that is (or was) edible. This includes any perishable and non-perishable food items. Anything that’s illegal, such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, stolen property, and anything else that you can get arrested for possessing. Anything that smells, oozes, leaks, or bursts, such as hazardous items, toxic materials, items that produce gas or odors, any container with liquids, items that produce loud or disruptive noises, and items that may increase in size or burst. Basically, anything that might get outside of your box or bin and harm others, our customers’ and employees’ belongings, or our storage facility.

Our sixth rule of Boombox is:

All storage terms are a minimum of 3 months.

All storage terms are a minimum of three months. You can access your items before the 3 month term, however you will be charged for a full three months of storage.

Our seventh rule of Boombox is:

You must give us 2 days notice before booking a delivery appointment.

To make sure our crew has enough time to return your items, we ask that you give us two days notice before booking a delivery.