How to Organize a Storage Unit & Best Shelving Tips

Keeping your storage space organized is always easier said than done. It can be a hassle to keep track of all your items and accessing them can be even worse.

How to Organize a Storage Unit

If you are dead set on using self storage, then check out our list of storage unit organization tips and storage unit ideas. But if you don’t enjoy having to dig through a dusty storage unit yourself then you need to check out Boombox. Boombox takes all the hassle out of self storage

We pick up your items right from your door, inventory them online with professional looking photos, and deliver your items when you need them. It’s like a storage unit in the cloud. You’ll always be organized and you’ll never have to drag your butt to a storage unit again. With storage pickup and delivery all you have to do is drag your mouse :)

If we haven’t sold you yet, then make sure to check out our storage unit pricing. Not only is our full service storage solution more convenient service than self storage but we come in cheaper than the majority of storage facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are still thinking about using self-storage then make sure to check out our list of 7 storage unit organization ideas, that’ll make your storage experience a little bit easier.

#1 Label Your Storage Boxes

How to Organize a Storage Unit

If you are looking for tips on how to organize a storage unit, then make sure to follow this mission critical tip: Always label your boxes. This maybe some extra work in the short term, but we guarantee you’ll forget the moment you leave your storage unit which items are in which box. So adding labels that are easily visible on your storage boxes will save you time down the road when trying to access your items.

#2 Use a Consistent Storage Box Size

How to Organize a Storage Unit

Before you’ve started packing anything, it’s always a good idea to keep your box or plastic bin size consistent. This will allow you to easily stack items and prevent your boxes or plastic bins from failing. We recommend using medium sized boxes for all your storage needs. Not only are they easier to maneuver but consistent boxes will help with organizing a storage unit and will be the most efficient use of space.

#3 Identify Storage Items You Need to Access More Frequently

How to Organize a Storage Unit

Out of all the storage unit organization tips this seems to be the tip that gets implemented the least. Once you’ve packed all your items into boxes, added labels, and inventoried everything, packing your unit in a specified way can be easily overlooked. However, this is important if you don’t want to spend hours looking through your storage space every time.

Before you start packing your unit make sure to identify the items you will access the most. How to pack a storage unit is straight forward but it takes a lot of effort. Once your most frequently used items are identified set them aside while you pack your unit with the rest of your items. After your other items are all packed, place your most frequently used items toward the front of your unit where you can have easy access to them without have to dig through your whole unit.

#4 Create A Master Inventory List

How to Organize a Storage Unit

To make sure nothing gets lost in translation putting together a list of all the items you’ve stored ensures you won’t forget what items you have in storage. When thinking about how to organize your storage unit, this may seem like an unnecessary step but it is surprisingly easy to forget what is in storage.

This especially comes in handy when you are looking for a specific item, and are unsure if you put it into storage or not then you can simply check your contents list instead of having to drive to your storage facility to look through your storage unit yourself. Putting together a master contents list may add a little time up front but will definitely save you time down the road.

#5 How to Organize Storage Unit Tip: Maybe You Need a Larger Unit?

How to Organize a Storage Unit

Using every square inch of your storage unit may make you feel like you are getting your money’s worth, but it can also make access extremely frustrating.

Trust us, you don’t want to have to play tetris every time you go to get an item out of your unit. Adding additional space to your unit can allow you to maneuver your items easier and may make accessing your storage unit seem a little less daunting.

#6 Organize Storage Unit tip: Shelve or Stack Boxes

How to Organize a Storage Unit

If you plan on stacking your boxes more than 4 high than we recommend adding a shelving unit to your unit. These way your boxes won’t get crushed and you’ll be able to use more vertical space within your storage unit.

#7 Forget Everything We Just Said and Use Boombox

There’s a better way! Try the hassle free storage solution that manages the pickup, storage, and delivery or your extra things.

We take care of all the organization by inventorying your items online with professional looking photos. When ever you need something back you can access your items by simply clicking on the picture and scheduling a delivery. You won’t have to worry about organizing your storage unit ever again. We’ve got this!

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How does Boombox work?

Boombox arrives at your storage pick up location with a vehicle and a team of movers. We apply unique codes to each storage item, photograph every item being stored, and transport your items to our secure storage facility. Whenever you want one or more of your stored items, simply log in to your Boombox account, select what you need delivered, and schedule a return delivery. We’ll bring your items back to your door. You'll never have to hassle with a San Francisco storage unit again! And best of all our storage unit prices are better than most all San Francisco self-storage options.

What areas does Boombox serve?

Boombox proudly serves the San Francisco Bay area. For a complete map of our service area, check out our Locations Page. If you are looking for storage San Francisco, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on being the most afforable and convenient Bay area storage option around. Our service area extends from San Francisco down to San Jose and as far east as Oakland and Berkeley. Our storage units are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to hassle with a San Francisco Bay area storage unit. We do all the heavy lifting and will deliver your items right back to your door.

How does Boombox make sure all my items are returned to me?

During your initial pickup we apply barcodes to each item, and photograph everything so there is a record of what’s in storage and what condition it was received in. Within two days of your initial pickup your online inventory will be accessible. We will notify you when the pictures of your storage items have been uploaded. We take a picture of the outside of the box and upload the picture along with the description of each item or label you placed on the box. Once your online storage catalog has been uploaded please make sure to verify all the pictures of your items are there. Your items will always be organized and accessible. You'll never have to hassle with a San Francisco storage unit again.

How is Boombox different from self-storage?

San Francisco self storage can be expensive and aggravating. At traditional bay area self storage units, security is not guaranteed, and you have to do all the work. It’s up to you to pack and organize your belongings, and you have to remember what’s in your storage unit. That makes it really easy to lose track of what you have in your storage unit. Instead of choosing a grungy SF storage unit, choose Boombox's full service storage solution. In our unbiased opinion ; ) it's the best Bay Area storage option out there.

How does the storage pick up work?

Self storage with a pick up?! That's what we call full service storage. We meet you at your location with our killer purple storage van. Our team then loads the van and photographs and barcodes each storage item or box that will be stored. Within 48 hours, you’ll be able to log into your storage account and see your complete storage inventory! Our pick ups are available within our Bay Area Storage service area. We love helping San Francisco with their storage needs. Say goodbye to San Francisco self-storage for good!