5 Tips to Storing Your Vinyl Record Collection

5 Tips to Storing Your Vinyl Records

Don’t have enough space for your record collection?

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Check out our list of 5 helpful tips for storing your vinyl collection.

Sure, the best place for a record is on the turntable, but if your record collection has outgrown your available space, storage is a great option. To ensure that your records keep rocking for generations to come make sure to read our 5 helpful tips

#1 Keep them Upright

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To ensure that your records keep spinning for years to come make sure to store them upright so they won’t warp. If records are stored flat they have a greater chance of changing shape.

#2 Pick the Right Container

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There are a lot of record storage containers out there. We recommend BCW’s 12” record storage box. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and can hold up to 65 records. Check it out here.

#3 Keep 'em in the Sleeve

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Nothing better than checking out the old album art of a classic record. Make sure to keep your records in the sleeve not just for aesthetic purposes but they’ll help keep your record safe and damage-free.

#4 Label Your Container

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If you are a serious collector it’s a good idea to organize your record collection in some way that makes sense to you. Make sure to label your boxes so you can access that specific record when you want. Boombox inventories all your boxes online so whenever you need a album box back simply click on the picture and we will deliver it back to you. That way you can keep the party going without having to dig through a storage unit.

#5 Pack Similar Records Together

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Organizing your records by genre, artist, or alphabetically, makes it super easy to find and retrieve that exact record you need. Staying organized ensures that you know exactly what’s in your collection. Who knows maybe that rare record you put in storage could be worth a lot some day!