9 Tips For Moving in With Your Significant Other

9 Tips For Moving in With Your Significant Other

A Must Read Before You Take The Leap

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Check out our list of 9 helpful tips for moving in with that special someone.

#1 Talk Specifics Before The Move

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There’s a big difference between how two people define “home.” Make sure to have a good conversation about what that means to each person. For example, do you watch TV at dinner, go to sleep later, or leave clothes on the floor. All the little pet peeves that can start a fight later should be discussed before the actual move in date. It’ll make both your lives a lot more enjoyable :)

#2 Plan Real Time Together

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Don’t confuse proximity with spending quality time with your significant other. It’s a good idea to set aside some time every couple of weeks and go on a nice date or fun adventure.

Ya gotta keep the spark alive if you know what I mean.

#3 Talk About Next Steps

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This might be the most serious tip on the list.

Going in to the situation with clear expectations can save one another a lot of headache and heartache. If a proposal is the next step in the relationship make sure that you are aware of your partners expectations. Nothing worse than going 4 years with no proposal when your partner thought it would only take 8 months. Communication is key!

#4 Take Inventory of Your Furniture

More than likely you’ll have too much stuff to combine both people’s furniture and other items into one coherent and functional space. After you’ve taken inventory, decide which items to keep and put the other items in storage.

Quick tip that football helmet lamp doesn’t tie the room together. If you can’t part ways with it call Boombox and they’ll make sure its stored safely until you need it for your future man cave ;).

#5 Plan Not Together Time

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No matter how much you love your partner spending time apart is healthy. Make sure to plan some time with separate friend groups so you don’t have to spend every waking hour with your significant other.

#6 Divide Up Chores

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This is a pain but can be a source of lot of bickering if not properly addressed.

It’s a good idea to make a chore list (I know that sounds lame) or at least discuss who takes care of what. No one wants 7 day old dirty dishes in the sink with no one willing to do it.

#7 Reorganize Closets and Figure Out Where You Would Both Like to Keep Things

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More than likely one of you will use more closet space than the other. Be willing to compromise as well as willing to prioritize what goes where.

If you are busting at the seems no harm in checking out Boombox Storage in order to free up some more space in your life.

#8 Start a Project That Speaks to Something you Both Enjoy

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This can be a small home-improvement project or anything that you both enjoy. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and have fun bonding with your significant other while making your space your own.

#9 Have a Housewarming

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Time to have some fun! Invite over friends and family and celebrate this exciting time in your relationship. Wahoo!

If you're sweating over how all you and your partners stuff is going to fit in your new space. Check out Boombox and we'll help you out with all your storage needs.