9 Super Simple Packing and Moving Tips

Just Breath! We know it can be a daunting task but moving doesn’t have to be a super stressful thing. Make sure to follow our 9 house packing tips & create a checklist to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Moving & Packing Tip #1: Start by creating a Donation Pile

Moving & Packing Tip #1: Start by creating a Donation Pile

The less things you have, means the less things you have to move. Before you begin the official packing to move process try going through your apartment or home and find any items that can be donated. That old youth camp counselor t-shirt or bud light barstool can probably be donated before moving day.

You’ll be amazed at all the stuff you uncover when you start to move. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t picture it in your new place then chances are you shouldn’t keep holding on to it. At most donation centers you can schedule a pickup and they’ll come to your house to retrieve larger items you would like to donate. This is one of our best moving tips because lets face it you don't even have to move it!

Moving & Packing to Move Tip #2: Pack By Room

Moving & Packing Tip #2: Pack By Room

Divide and conquer! When packing to move, room by room is a great way to stay organized during the packing and unpacking process. If you pack by room you’ll have a much easier time with labeling your boxes correctly and packing similar items in the same box. That way when you get to the new place you won’t have to scramble around the whole house when unpacking a single box.

We know house packing and apartment packing can seem daunting so dividing the tasks by room can help you feel less overwhelmed. The feeling when you check off 1 room from your list makes you feel like your making progress and that much closer to enjoying the new place!

Packing Tip for Moving #3: Use Boombox's Full-Service Storage Solution

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For those items that you don’t want to leave behind but aren’t sure where they will fit in the new place, Boombox has you covered.

We’ll come to your address on moving day, pick up your packed and wrapped items, inventory them online with professional looking photographs and then deliver them when you need them. We like to call it the full-service storage solution! You won’t have to rummage through a sketchy storage unit yourself again. We do all the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax while we take some work off your plate.

Moving day can be so much easier when you don’t have to worry about certain items until later. Once you get settled into the new place you can always request some of your packed items back that you think will brighten up the place.

If you're planning on moving in with that special someone we recommend reading our other blog post 9 Tips to Moving In With Your Significant Other

Packing Tip for Moving #4: Label Everything

Moving & Packing Tip #4: Label Everything

As far as moving ideas go labeling everything is a must and a go-to solution on how to make packing easier. You don’t need any fancy moving labels or tape simply a sharpie and a predetermined labeling system. We recommend listing the room name, a brief description of the contents of the box, and then a number. That way you can easily keep track of how many boxes you have and also how many boxes you have by room.

If you are feeling really crazy. Try dropping all your labels into a spreadsheet so you can absolutely be certain that all your boxes made it to the new place on moving day. If one thing goes missing you’ll know exactly what box it is and the contents based on your labeling system.

I know this sounds like a lot of work but the feeling of piece of mind greatly outweighs the effort. Knowing what box is which and how many boxes you have makes you feel organized and helps the move feel less chaotic.

Moving & Packing Tip #5: Small Boxes For Heavy Items

I know it’s tempting to fit as much stuff as you possibly can into every box, but be realistic as to how heavy each box is becoming. Especially when it comes to moving items like books or heavy pots and pans choosing smaller box sizes can make the loading process easier. This packing tip for moving will really make your life easier. Trust us your back will thank you.

A good moving tip is to never load books or heavy items into a box bigger than your standard medium moving box, and even that might be stretching it. A medium size box full of books can easily get up to 75lbs or more. Unless you're an Olympic weightlifter, we’d recommend opting for smaller boxes.

Moving & Packing Tip #6: Stick With Moving Boxes

Moving & Packing Tip #6: Stick With Moving Boxes

We know there are a lot of ways to skimp on moving top boxes. You can make a run to the local liquor store or supermarket and scrounge up some old cardboard boxes, but for the most part, we’d steer clear of doing that. Most boxes won’t be as clean as you’d like or as strong as you might need for packing up heavy items. Not to mention the different box sizes can make loading the moving truck awkward and less efficient.

Buying new can seem like a waste, especially when you consider the tons of cardboard thrown out every day. So if you are more inclined to reuse then buy new you can check out companies that will rent reusable moving supplies specifically for this purpose. They’ll drop off plastic moving bins which you can use during your moving process then give back when you are done. It turns out to be a great deal and the moving bins are sturdy and easily stackable. We recommend checking out ZippGo if you are moving in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Moving & Packing Tip #7: Pack A Personal Overnight Bag

Moving & Packing Tip #7: Pack A Personal Overnight Bag

Don’t pack everything into your moving truck. Make sure to pack a small overnight bag so you can have essential items handy if the moving process takes a little longer than expected. Pack like you would if you were spending the night in a hotel for a couple of nights. Change of clothes, toiletries, medications etc.

That way if you hit a wall during the moving process and can’t stand the sight of another unpacked moving box you can always fight another day and live off the essential items you have handy until you have a little more energy.

Moving & Packing Tip #8: Load Heavy Furniture and Bigger Items First

This one’s a pretty straight forward moving tip but worth noting. Make sure to pack items such as mattresses, dressers, tables in first so you won’t have to navigate around smaller items when loading the truck.

It’s much easier to load smaller items around bigger items then vice versa. This way you can maximize the space in your moving truck to make sure you won’t have to make any unnecessary amount of trips between your destinations.

Moving & Packing Tip #9: Move Valuables Personally

Moving & Packing Tip #9: Move Valuables Personally

Some valuables are too meaningful to leave out of your sight. If you have family heirlooms important paperwork, or passports you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle of moving make sure to set it aside and pack it in your personal overnight bag.

This way you’ll have some sense of peace of mind that you know exactly where your most important item is.

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During your initial pickup we apply barcodes to each item, and photograph everything so there is a record of what’s in storage and what condition it was received in. Within two days of your initial pickup your online inventory will be accessible. We will notify you when the pictures of your storage items have been uploaded. We take a picture of the outside of the box and upload the picture along with the description of each item or label you placed on the box. Once your online storage catalog has been uploaded please make sure to verify all the pictures of your items are there. Your items will always be organized and accessible. You'll never have to hassle with a San Francisco storage unit again.

How is Boombox different from self-storage?

San Francisco self storage can be expensive and aggravating. At traditional bay area self storage units, security is not guaranteed, and you have to do all the work. It’s up to you to pack and organize your belongings, and you have to remember what’s in your storage unit. That makes it really easy to lose track of what you have in your storage unit. Instead of choosing a grungy SF storage unit, choose Boombox's full service storage solution. In our unbiased opinion ; ) it's the best Bay Area storage option out there.

How does the storage pick up work?

Self storage with a pick up?! That's what we call full service storage. We meet you at your location with our killer purple storage van. Our team then loads the van and photographs and barcodes each storage item or box that will be stored. Within 48 hours, you’ll be able to log into your storage account and see your complete storage inventory! Our pick ups are available within our Bay Area Storage service area. We love helping San Francisco with their storage needs. Say goodbye to San Francisco self-storage for good!