The Complete RV Storage Guide

Do you love hitting the open road for a long road trip with your rv or trailer? We do too! But when you aren’t putting your RV to use, finding good rv trailer storage is a must. That’s why we’ve put together your complete guide to trailer storage

Perks of RV Storage

The Complete RV Storage Guide

More Space

Everybody loves more storage space and easy access. And there is no easier way to get more driveway or parking space than storing your rv or trailer. Trailers and RVs these days come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless if you have a 40ft RV or a 7ft trailer, it’s always nice to get a little extra space back at your home or apartment.

Avoid HOA Issues

Most neighborhoods have HOA restrictions on parking spaces and leaving an RV or Trailer on the street for an extended period of time. To avoid the hassle of reparking your vehicle every other week and dealing with angry neighbors, definitely look into storage for trailers and rvs to get your HOA off your back. No one wants to pay an annoying fine.

Easier Travel

Travel trailer storage and rv storage can be convenient as well. If you use your rv or trailer for a specific reason, such as camping in Lake Tahoe or the numerous other great recreation areas, then leaving it in that general location makes travel that much easier. By using rv parking storage that's conveniently located, you won’t have to find parking at your house and it saves you a trip driving your rv to and from your camping destination of choice.

More Protection and Security

Leaving your rv or trailer on the street and out in the elements isn't safe. It opens it up to potential security and damage risk. RVs can be a target for car thieves and sometimes don’t have the best security features, so leaving it on the street might not be in your best interests. Also to avoid damages due to weather or harsh elements, indoor rv storage is the way to go. Not only is it very secure, but your rv will stay in tip top shape by being out of the elements. Indoor RV Storage can be somewhat expensive however so make sure to check out covered rv storage and outdoor trailer storage as well if you live in a moderate climate.

Types of RV Storage

The types of RV storage looks a lot like an In-N-Out menu . There are really only three options: Indoor rv storage, covered rv storage, and outdoor rv storage

Indoor RV Storage

The Complete RV Storage Guide

Definitely the most pricey option but indoor RV storage offers the most protection, care, and security. If you are looking for indoor trailer storage then a 10x20 storage unit should work fine. If you need to store an rv then most likely a 10x40 would be your best bet.

Outdoor RV Storage

The Complete RV Storage Guide

This is the most common form of storage for recreational vehicles, since it is the cheapest, most flexible and can handle large vehicles. Most storage facilities offer open lot parking while others have designated RV parking lots. If you don’t mind the exposure to the elements then this is the way to go.

Covered RV Storage

The Complete RV Storage Guide

Not too hot and not too cold. Covered RV storage offers a mix between indoor and outdoor trailer storage. It provides protection from the weather and is quite cheaper than indoor rv storage.

RV Storage Preparation Checklist

The Complete RV Storage Guide

No matter what you are storing its always important to properly prepare, especially if you plan to store your rv for a longer period of time. Check out our RV trailer storage units preparation checklist below for the best tips and tricks to keep your rv in tip top shape while it is in storage.

RV Storage Checklist

- Remove the battery and Keep it on a Charger back home

- Clean the inside and remove all perishables from inside

- Wash your RV

- Block exhaust pipes to prevent pests

- Disconnect propane tanks

- Clear out the pipes

- Top off your fluids

- Seal any roof vents

- Protect with an RV cover

For All Your Other Storage Needs, There's Boombox!

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Although Boombox doesn't store vehicles or RVs, our full service storage solutions takes the hassle out of self-storage and saves you and your family time and money. We manage the pick up, storage and delivery of your extra things so you never have to hassle with a storage unit again! Oh and did we mention, our storage unit prices are the best in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Storage Customer Service. Boombox Storage Self storage sf

We are here to help!

Let us answer your storage questions

Shoot us a TEXT (415) 322-3135

How does Boombox work?

Boombox arrives at your storage pick up location with a vehicle and a team of movers. We apply unique codes to each storage item, photograph every item being stored, and transport your items to our secure storage facility. Whenever you want one or more of your stored items, simply log in to your Boombox account, select what you need delivered, and schedule a return delivery. We’ll bring your items back to your door. You'll never have to hassle with a San Francisco storage unit again! And best of all our storage unit prices are better than most all San Francisco self-storage options.

What areas does Boombox serve?

Boombox proudly serves the San Francisco Bay area. For a complete map of our service area, check out our Locations Page. If you are looking for storage San Francisco, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on being the most afforable and convenient Bay area storage option around. Our service area extends from San Francisco down to San Jose and as far east as Oakland and Berkeley. Our storage units are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to hassle with a San Francisco Bay area storage unit. We do all the heavy lifting and will deliver your items right back to your door.

How does Boombox make sure all my items are returned to me?

During your initial pickup we apply barcodes to each item, and photograph everything so there is a record of what’s in storage and what condition it was received in. Within two days of your initial pickup your online inventory will be accessible. We will notify you when the pictures of your storage items have been uploaded. We take a picture of the outside of the box and upload the picture along with the description of each item or label you placed on the box. Once your online storage catalog has been uploaded please make sure to verify all the pictures of your items are there. Your items will always be organized and accessible. You'll never have to hassle with a San Francisco storage unit again.

How is Boombox different from self-storage?

San Francisco self storage can be expensive and aggravating. At traditional bay area self storage units, security is not guaranteed, and you have to do all the work. It’s up to you to pack and organize your belongings, and you have to remember what’s in your storage unit. That makes it really easy to lose track of what you have in your storage unit. Instead of choosing a grungy SF storage unit, choose Boombox's full service storage solution. In our unbiased opinion ; ) it's the best Bay Area storage option out there.

How does the storage pick up work?

Self storage with a pick up?! That's what we call full service storage. We meet you at your location with our killer purple storage van. Our team then loads the van and photographs and barcodes each storage item or box that will be stored. Within 48 hours, you’ll be able to log into your storage account and see your complete storage inventory! Our pick ups are available within our Bay Area Storage service area. We love helping San Francisco with their storage needs. Say goodbye to San Francisco self-storage for good!